Saturday, May 26, 2012


Blogger is not my friend. I hate when I have a lovely post that I have been typing and then it is gone. I can't retype all of that thought! I don't remember what it was! I will try a little. My last post was a million years ago! Since then it has pretty much been wedding wedding and more wedding. It is crazy that even a super small wedding takes over your life. Especially when your wedding is 6 weeks away and you don't have your wedding dress because your friend in Chicago is making it and she is still working on it. I am trying to calm the tiny bridezilla that lives inside me with Tae Bo and chocolate, but it is hard! Oh, but I wanted to show you my ring! 

It has lost a lot of the oxidation, and still looks lovely, but I think I am going to have my jeweler re-oxidize it before the wedding so that it matches my wedding band!  The white diamond is from Ryan's mom from her wedding to his dad. That is so neat to me, because it is where he came from. 

I also bought my shoes! They are knockoffs of the lovely Kate Spade version, and I am in love. They are so sparkly! And they are not super high as to murder my feet on my wedding day. 

And Ry got his suit! It is from the 60's and is a sharkskin suit. I thought that meant real shark skin, but I am naive sometimes haha. It just refers to the shiny-ness of it. It is a really nice green color and it has some shiny blue thread in it. He is a handsome guy! Hopefully he will take care of that gross mustache thing he thinks he has going on. haha

All in all things are really coming along! It is exciting! I have been making a lot of top secret wedding stuff that I can't share yet, but will share once we hand them all out! 

Oh my goodness, I can't believe it is in SIX WEEKS!!! Then I will be a Mrs! Awesome.