Monday, July 25, 2011


and because I am all about how spoiled I am and show-y off-y, I am going to tell you how amazing my sister is. For our bridesmaids gifts, she got us these ADORABLE coach clutches. So cute!

And cause I am extra special and I was the maid of honor, I got these awesome wine glasses. Just my size too, i.e. HUMONGOUS! What can I say, I like to drink some wine... :)

So, since I have been back, I have not worked on any clothes or crafty-ness, but this upcoming weekend, you better watch out. I have already picked out this pattern that I want SUPER bad and I am going to go at it! haha. I also need to make myself some sort of blouse in black because I have fabulous hot pink shoes my momma gave me that I need to show off and I have nothing that matches them. More on them later!

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Reason #513 why I need an Iphone...

Cat Paint, the most glorious/hilarious app ever...

Friday, July 22, 2011

Yo Yo Shirt in Action!

I wore my new shirt over my vacation. I was surprised to see how many people liked it! I thought it was pretty cool when they said it looked like it would fit in Anthropologie. I was tickled pink when they tried to give me their measurements. I LOVE this pattern! You should really try it! McCall's 5851. It is one of the easiest patterns I have EVER tried and I am glad to say I have made a bunch. I am excited to get it into my regular rotation of clothes.

The yo yo's were the most annoying part, but even those were easy. They just take FOREVER. I think you have to make somewhere around 70 or so of them! Maybe a little less, but it feels like a thousand! But it just looks so cute! And delicate, and crafty, which is my favorite. Also with the pretty silver flats I got for my sister's wedding. Yay for things I can wear more than once!

I have been wearing them with my new jeans, a pair of boot cut(which I would NEVER wear regular) jeans that I got from Target for $10 that I folded up and sewed into capris. I think they are SO much cuter this way!

I am so glad to be back home where I can create some more! Tomorrow is a supply picking up day and I am really looking forward to it. I love to dream about what I am going to make and wear. All my clothes don't turn out but I am so happy with the ones that do. It makes me feel like a crafty lady which is my favorite feeling of all.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011


My family spoiled me to the moon! I had some wonderful time with them, making tiny donuts for my sister's favors, getting my hair and makeup done, and just getting to spend the time with them. But they also spoiled me the other way too! haha Being 30 has its perks! I got this AWESOME Kindle. I am now completely a convert and I am LOVING the book I bought, The Help. It is so well written. It is almost too easy to buy a book from this thing. I eat books, so I am going to have to try and pace myself. One a week sounds reasonable to me...

My sister got me these super awesome Hello Kitty Vans shoes that I have been crushing on for awhile. I am so lucky! Being 30 does not mean you have to give up your love for cute...

And the love of my life got me this extremely special painting. I have loved Kelly Tunstall for awhile now, I know I have blogged about her art in the past. I am so lucky that she shops at his grocery store and he had a chance to buy a painting off of her. This especially well fits my personality and I am so happy to look at it even right this second! I feel so loved.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011


It is that time of year again, the time we go and visit our lovely old state of Ohio! We went this time for a short whirlwind trip to watch my sister get married(again :D) Isn't she beautiful?!? It was so exciting and fun and we got to spend a lot of time with my family which is so important to me. We also got to catch up with friends and we even made it out to Toledo to swim and hang out a bit. It was lovely. I am exhausted and could use another week vacation so I can actually relax. Haha.

I took exactly 2 pictures and they were terrible. I am the WORST at that when I am stressed. So, I am borrowing pictures from my dad and brother as they post them so you can see. This is my sister in law and my nephew LJ he is so dapper!

I was spoiled rotten, especially by my family for my 30th birthday. My sister even made the entire reception sing happy birthday to me after dinner. I was embarrassed thouroughly. But I felt so special! I can't wait to show you what I got! The bridesmaids gifts were ridiculous too... When my camera charges(you know, 2 pictures is really hard on the battery...) I will show you the awesomeness that was my birthday! Spoiled Rotten.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Airport Drama

downsize.jpg, originally uploaded by laurensmashtoys.

Stuck in the airport overnight in Denver. Oh, I see, an adventure to start our trip... Not to worry, drinks at the only bar open past nine thirty will do the trick. Next camping out at our gate till morning. I am really missing our little city in SF. Tomorrow, I see the babies!(i.e. my nephews!!)