Sunday, February 28, 2010

M.I.P. (mess in progress)

I did mention that I live in a super tiny place right? So right now when I am feverishly working on dolls(I just get that way sometimes) some parts of my home suffer :D So our dining/computer/crafty/tv table is a little over-run with fabric for tiny handsewn quilts and tiny handsewn friends right now.

Also, is it weird that I find it hard to sew if it is not mid-afternoon/evening? When it is morning/early afternoon I can't do it.

Today I am going rollerskating! We were lucky for a sunny warm Sunday so off to Golden Gate Park to take advantage of the fact that they close it down to all driving until 5pm on Sundays so that we can enjoy some fun!

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Busy Lady

I would like to tell you that I have been lazy and that is why I haven't written, but that isn't true! I have been a busy little bee. I am not sure why, but lately I have been a little production line of dolls and bears and it feels good. I was sad not getting things done in a crafty way, but now I am kicking a little booty...

Also, work has been crazy busy and I have lots of little excitements in my life. For example, *BOTH* my brother(well his wife anyways) and my sister are pregnant! Ahhh. I am gonna be an auntie twice within a few months. YAY! I have to get to work on some cutie pie bear ear-ed outfits cause they are gonna be born into the cold! I am also going to try and refrain drinking the water in Ohio I guess... :D But here is a pic of my first niece/nephew. I think it looks like a blobby....

And, ok you are right, baby and I have been a little lazy as well, reading cookbooks and basking in the warm sunshine in our apartment! But only a little. And only on a Saturday.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy wedding sister pants!

Holy geez, my sister is now a mrs. Contrats kids!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

More sewing a thon

I stayed home from work yesterday, today I don't feel the best. That is why I made premade pizza crust with quickie sauce and pear and blue cheese for dinner. No pilates even for me today, too tired. So you get pics of my new toys to be up within a few days...

Monday, February 8, 2010

A day at the Flea Market

I had the best day yesterday! I went to the Alameda flea market/antiques sale. It was awesome. I went with a few things specifically in my mind, and what do you know, I found them! I also got to spend a great time with 3 great ladies and get out of my hermit hole for a little bit of sunshine and nose burning.

So, the only thing I really wanted until I walked around and a lot more things came to mind was a skeleton key. There was a table full for one vendor and I dug through it for awhile before settling on this one. I should have bought a few, but I didn't. Next time.

I also remembered that I wanted one of those hangy bits that is on a chandelier that is old and made of crystal. I ended up with two different ones. One that had a hanging prism which was the right size but not the right shape so I bought it, then came the best find, which was the teardrop shaped one, the right size and the right shape. Yes! Score! Awesome!

Next time, I will be on the lookout for an old picture of a man with a beard, and a number 5 for our mailbox.

Saturday, February 6, 2010

sewing sewing sewing

So you don't think I have quit sewing, I will show you a little of what this guy has been up too...

A little monster guy:

A brown puppy guy:

Another puppykins:

And some demons:

SO there. I also made some weird pretzels that stuck to the pan today but tasted awesome. I finally figured out how to make garlic butter. (in case you were in the dark like me, you just mince some garlic and melt some butter and let it sit together all warm but not cooking as to brown the garlic and the garlic kicks the butters booty and makes it taste super awesome) So I had super yummy garlic butter pretzels. They were amazing. Well almost cause they made me so mad I threw a spatula and that wasn't cool, but ryan made me feel better and they tasted ok so that is always a plus.

Monday, February 1, 2010

Oh Hi There

Hi! Miss me? Probably. I am very fun to be around and my absence has been felt, I am sure of it. Or whatever... SO a lot has happened since we last spoke, and now I have the ability to be around a little more. So there. I will be.

I got a new place! It is in a lovely old Victorian in the Haight. If you don't know about the haight, you should look it up. It is neat. Besides all of the hippies. and homeless kids trying to sell you hatchets or bags that are probably stolen.

The place is a little small, but we don't mind! It is beautiful and all ours and I now have my own kitchen, where I have already made many treats!

Also, baby can look out of the giant windows at passer bys and bark and get yelled at. It is a fun vicious circle.

All in all its lovely. Ryan even has a place to go now when it is 4 in the morning and he doesn't feel like being in bed, he feels like painting. He has a studio all set up in our kitchen and it has been working out lovely. So far so good! I have even been sewing my fingers off. And watching a lot of netflixed videos. Now that I actually have the internet!