Wednesday, March 26, 2008

I liked how this looked!

Dinner , originally uploaded by laurensmashtoys.

mmmm veggie fajitas! It came out really good. I just really loved these colors together. I loved them even more in my tummy!

I said at the beginning of this week that it was going to be a good week. I hit some bumps, but I think all in all things are going well for me!

I have been working out, I got to watch Arrested Development with my boy, I made myself a real dinner, I returned my netflix dvd(finally!), I got a quote for car insurance(would you believe my 6 month payoff is about the same as one month in California?!?!?) I am enjoying my job, I got some new fabric to sew with, and I am going to make some stickers! I am super happy.

Plans are in the works on the moving out front, it is making me very hopeful and excited. I did my budget today and it actually looks like I am going to be able to save some money! I need to sell some toys and I'll be on my way. I am waiting to see if I get into Renegade(I really hope I do!)

Spring looks like it is trying to peak its head out and it makes me so happy! The sun has been warm and shining so much lately. It has made me feel so good.

I also went shopping in my sister's hidden closet and found a bunch of "new" clothes for myself!! :D That always makes me happy. Free new clothes! and by hidden closet I mean the closet in the basement where she keeps the stuff she doesn't like or wear anymore. I think. Or just the stuff that is out of season. Out of season now means in my closet. :D

I need some new music. I hope Dan burns me some good stuff soon! I am tired of everything but my 2 headed dog song :D and the zombie song by the same guy. I can't remember his name right now and the cd is in my cd player in my car so I can't even look.

I am going to sew and make stickers right now. And fold laundry.

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