Saturday, March 28, 2009

Saturday in the Park!

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Ryan had to work today, but that didn't stop Baby and I from enjoying the mid 70's beautiful sunny weather! We walked all the way to Fort Mason(aka the big park) and had a swinging good time!

Baby ran in circles and bit(me :D) and rolled in grass(just grass, nothing gross) and layed in the sun and played with other dogs and all that fun stuff!

I am having a lovely time, I cleaned the house a little, am thinking about walking to get Baby dog food, then I will ride my lovely moped over to Ryan's work so I can get some coffee into this system! :D I also have plans of a little later sewing up some more dragons, I am going to put a bunch of them up at once. I need to take their pictures and list them for sure. Soon enough.

So all is good right now, got the $ problems figured out, and now I am enjoying San Francisco :D

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