Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Life = Stress

And I know stress can be a good thing. at times and all. So, I decided to share my new pad with you!

Here is my new door:

And my new kitchen with bay window:

And my new living room heater thing with built in shelves:

And the living room view with bay window:

And last but not least, wait for it wait for it... A BEDROOM tada!

It has a lot of potential, but we have a limited budget. So it may take awhile to perfect. Here's to getting a job and quick! I have a thing or two in the works that hopefully pan out. Exciting opportunities for sure!! Keep your little fingers crossed for me! Being unemployed is stressful!


Danielleorama said...

Ooo I love your new place! bay windows+hardwood floors, so jealous!

I'm thinking good thoughts for ya, try not to stress<3

LaurenSmash said...

thanks danielle! that means a lot to me!