Tuesday, October 11, 2011

See, I told you it was rainy!

But we are still getting out there. And even though mean old fall is taking all of my daylight, we are trying to get out there for some of that too. Baby LOVES her walks. And while it takes a little coaxing when its wet, she is a professional squirrel stare-er-at-er.

So, we are easing into fall over here. I am trying to find the motivation to sew, but it is really not hanging out with me right now. I got some pretty great patterns on sale this weekend and have the fabric to make them too, I just need the push. We are REALLY excited because Ryan's show is opening this Saturday! I can't wait to share pics of the opening and of is art. His Birthday is next Monday too! We are going to pick out a drafting table for him and then in my family we also have the tradition of a "morning present" which you get early on your birthday. I don't have anything for him quite yet, but I have lots of fun ideas! I love bringing my family's traditions to our family.

This week up for me is more planning, some working out, some great dinners and some birthday planning!

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