Saturday, August 25, 2012

And Now

We just got back from a beautiful reception/party that was thrown for us by my husband's lovely mother. It was so fun and she worked so hard. The only thing was that it was in Toledo, and the weather was just as cold as it is here normally in San Francisco. I was really looking forward to some HEAT! But, there was no heat. It was a fiesta theme, so I dressed like Frida and made Ryan dress like Diego Rivera. He changed later in the night to jeans but I held on! Even if I was freezing in that sweater and wishing that I had my winter coat. In Ohio in August.

But there WAS awesome friends, adorable kids, lots of family and lots of love. There is nothing I could have asked for more.

And I made my little dress! And embroidered it. And it took forever but was cute and fun. Now we are back and just an old married couple. Which is so much fun!


African Kelli said...

YOU MADE YOUR DRESS? That is amazing! Congrats on the wedding. Holy cow. So cool!

zilredloh said...

Oooh! What pretty/gorgeous/amazing embroidery!!!