Monday, April 21, 2008

Lauren and the super fun Backyardigans-tea party-crazy house

Lauren, originally uploaded by missysioux.

I got to attend my 2 favorite people's birthday party this weekend. It was tons of fun. I was full and worn out at the end.

I can't believe my best friend's daughter is 4! And her son is 2. I can remember both of their births. Weird.

I remember Sydneys cause of the fact that I had never been around a real baby much before and I was so nervous of the fact that a baby was going to be around! And she really really is my best friend baby edition. I know she isn't mine but she is definitely family to me!

I mean, Missy and I *have* been friends for 13 years you know (wink wink)

And little Quinn! I thought that I wouldn't like him at first. I can't believe that. I was so nervous cause I was far away in California for most of his life and I thought he would never connect with me the way that Syd has. But as it turns out, we are the very best of friends and I get a new boyfriend out of the deal. Never have the words "My Lauren" made me feel so loved :D I just love that little guy so much. So sweet and charming already at 2!!

I love having all of the people around me around again! It makes me feel so good and surrounded by love and good things. I am so happy in that respect!

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pomly said...

You are the cutest human Uniqua ever!