Saturday, October 23, 2010


Hey guys! I have been missing but I have been busy!! I got a job! Woo Hoo! So I travelled to Charlotte North Carolina to do some training and I have been working all week. I love it! The people are awesome and the job is awesome! Also I got to go a craft show for a sweet little girl and sit next to the always lovely Jaymi from Jaymipop! i finally got to trade with her that pup scarf I had up awhile ago. Here is just a super awesome sampling of what she gave me!

A lovely bunch of earrings(the stars on right now!) and knit bows. If you know me you know I love putting things in my hair! And these earrings are the best. She is so super sweet and so is her little girl Audrey and her amazingly nice husband Tom, I was so lucky to sit next to them for the show and chat all day!

Today is the first time I get to relax in about a week. It is amazing. I am watching Cake Boss on Netflix and working on a courderoy jumper! It is good cause it is warm and cozy in my apartment and it is wet and rainy outside.

Tomorrow we are going to carve our jack-o-lanterns!!


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JaymiPop said...

Finally catching up on my blog reading!

I had a super fun time at the craft show with you too! Audrey loves the puppy scarf.

We need to get together soon!