Friday, July 22, 2011

Yo Yo Shirt in Action!

I wore my new shirt over my vacation. I was surprised to see how many people liked it! I thought it was pretty cool when they said it looked like it would fit in Anthropologie. I was tickled pink when they tried to give me their measurements. I LOVE this pattern! You should really try it! McCall's 5851. It is one of the easiest patterns I have EVER tried and I am glad to say I have made a bunch. I am excited to get it into my regular rotation of clothes.

The yo yo's were the most annoying part, but even those were easy. They just take FOREVER. I think you have to make somewhere around 70 or so of them! Maybe a little less, but it feels like a thousand! But it just looks so cute! And delicate, and crafty, which is my favorite. Also with the pretty silver flats I got for my sister's wedding. Yay for things I can wear more than once!

I have been wearing them with my new jeans, a pair of boot cut(which I would NEVER wear regular) jeans that I got from Target for $10 that I folded up and sewed into capris. I think they are SO much cuter this way!

I am so glad to be back home where I can create some more! Tomorrow is a supply picking up day and I am really looking forward to it. I love to dream about what I am going to make and wear. All my clothes don't turn out but I am so happy with the ones that do. It makes me feel like a crafty lady which is my favorite feeling of all.


Amy Cluck said...

Really cute. Love the way it turned out. Actually, your whole outfit is cute!

JaymiPop said...

Your Yoyo shirt is adorable! Definitely Antho worthy!

Anonymous said...

Your shirt looks better than the example in the McCall's pattern. Did you use a soft cotton (t-shirt material) or normal white fabric?

LaurenSmash said...

It is a Kona cotton, just from JoAnn Fabrics! :)