Saturday, June 23, 2012

Shower time!

I just got back from an awesome whirlwind trip to Ohio for my bridal shower. What a crazy tradition! Ryan and I are now stocked with awesome stuff! Enough to last 2 lifetimes I think. People give you so much love when you are ready to commit yourself to someone forever. My awesome mom and mother in law hosted my shower and since Ryan and I are getting married in Las Vegas by Elvis, it was a Casino theme. It was so cute!

Our cake was a cassata cake from Corbo's which is the same cake made by the same bakery that my mom had for her wedding. It was so cute!

My mother in law made these awesome centerpieces too! She is out of control and super crafty.

And I even got this super cute crown! I have been wearing it at home too.

Now we are t minus two weeks until marriage time! It is pretty exciting. I am ready to be married!


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