Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Oh, hey, I got married!

Saturday 7/7 I married my best friend in Las Vegas, NV. We had an awesome time filled with our families and closest friends. I felt like a queen and seriously had the time of my life! We got married at The Viva Las Vegas Wedding Chapel. These people are pros. It was so smooth and easy and fun! Everyone was nice, the chapel was adorable and I felt so relaxed.

We did an elvis wedding. we thought it would be funny, and not too serious, like us. And it did not disappoint. Our Elvis was cheesy, sweet and perfect. I have never had a better time. And by the next day we had a video of our ceremony, and we had purchased a package with our photos and had them on a disk and they even printed some of them out! I spent a lot of time researching pretty much everything about this trip. Ryan and I had never been to Vegas for real, I had spent one night there 4 years ago and he was there when he was a teenager. Every place that I chose was perfect for us and treated us like royalty.

Ryan wore a sharkskin suit we picked up at a vintage shop on Haight street in San Francisco. It was so cute on him. By the way, I love this face he is making. My husband rules.

My dress was made by the always lovely Kpoene from Mignonette Bridal. She is also a dear friend and when she offered to make my dream dress come true, I jumped at the chance. I wanted 50's and simple. She gave me that and more. My veil/headpiece actually came from my mother's veil when she married my dad! I wish I had a better picture of my hair, it was done by Shag Me Salon in Las Vegas. The girl who did my hair was AWESOME! She made it look beautiful in like 10 minutes, I swear. It was rolls! So neat. I ended up making my petticoat, and it was not perfect but it did the job. And I loved it.

We stayed at the Golden Nugget, which was AMAZING. I can't say enough good things about that hotel. The staff was great, the pool was really fun with a shark tank in it, and the rooms were so cute and comfy. I LOVED staying on Fremont street. I must say, I went to the strip for a night and I much preferred old Vegas. It was so neat!

All in all a great, easy, and fun experience. And I got a husband out of the deal!


Amy Cluck said...

Congrats! You look beautiful! When do we get to hang out with Married Lauren???

Stacey Connolly said...

Just stumbled across your blog:D This looks like so much fun and you look beautiful, your dress is so cute.


alex said...

Aw congratulations! You look beautiful!