Saturday, July 28, 2012

So What we did.

So, we drove our car to Vegas, stayed for four days and on the fifth day we drove home. I was so thankful to have so much time off of work. I essentially had 2 weeks off which is crazy. When we got home we stayed in San Francisco for one day being married at home and petting our dog and walking our dog and just hanging out and then the next day we were off to beautiful Hawaii! 

Well first we were trapped in the airport for a whole day because our flight to Kona on the big island of Hawaii was cancelled. But I wasn't sweating it, I WAS ON VACATION!!!

When we finally did get there and get settled, we were so tired. So we had some dinner in paradise and went to bed. Can you see that my crazy self was COLD in an open air restaurant? I am such a freezebaby.

In the morning we woke up to a lovely sight. 

Then we had breakfast at an even lovlier sight. Let me tell you, they have this stuff in Hawaii, coconut syrup, omg. I don't even LIKE pancakes and it had me eating pancakes. Oh! and the Guava juice. Forget about it. Also, pretty much everything is open air restaurants. Which is amazing. I loved hearing the flock of parrots that hung out in those trees! It was cool because we have a wild flock of parrots in San Francisco, so it was a little bit of home hearing them here too! 

The first day we pretty much relaxed. We layed out by that little bay in the picture above and then sat by the pool 

and drank drinks. It was pretty amazing. Everything slows down in Hawaii which rules. You don't feel bad taking naps after you have sat by the pool all day. That is great. Then we had dinner and it was up to bed to hang out and watch tv(which we never ever do because we don't have one!) An amazing and awesome first day on the big island!

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