Sunday, August 10, 2008

Bowling with the fam...

Bowling with the fam, originally uploaded by laurensmashtoys.

and sucking big time :D

I had a super fun night out with My mom, dad, sis and her bf Officer Ryan. It was nice! Except for the bowling part. I was horrible. And frustrated. and whiny. :D

I will say that if I ever own a house, I am definitely entertaining the thought of putting that carpet in it. :D

The night wasn't completely ruined though, I did get a banana cream pie blizzard from Dairy Queen after. It was *tasty* well, except the part of it that had nerds candy in it, that was kind of weird but whatevs!

Then I came home and passed out when I should have been sewing. I am excited cause I got into You Bazaar in SF at the beginning of November. I am *so* there :D I can't wait to do another show, they are my very favorite thing!

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pollyanna cowgirl said...

I'm gonna be in YouBazaar too! Hope to see you there. :)