Sunday, August 3, 2008

my idea of the best sunday....

I had a great day today! My whole family was gone at a golf thing in Akron, Ohio and I was all alone. It was fabulous!

My day consisted of laundry(seriously, I love laundry), buying a little bit of fabric and craft supplies(I spent under $10 which is always a fun little game I play), sewing up a storm making those little ladies that are above me on the right, and listening to This American Life podcasts.

Ahhh, This American Life podcasts, do you know that I never listened to a podcast on my own before? I am a failure sometimes :D I absolutely loved listening to this when I was sewing! I can't believe what I was missing out on! Why didn't you ever tell me how great these were?(besides you Missy, I *know* you tell me all the time)

I am in a great groove right now, hopefully I can keep it up!

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