Sunday, August 31, 2008

LaurenSmash loves horses

LaurenSmash loves horses, originally uploaded by laurensmashtoys.

I got to pet a horse! Well, a few of them. And it was the best!

I went to the Geauga county fair today. It was nice. We ate yummy(bad for you) food, looked at tons of fun stuff, and petted a bunch of animals. It would be my best friend's nightmare :D I petted some horses, some pigs, some goats, a sheep, some bunnies, a duck, a chicken, and i tried to pet an alpaca, but these little kids wouldn't get out of my way. It was so fun!

It was a fun way to spend my Sunday afternoon, especially with my family, the ones I like right now anyways.

Tomorrow I am going to sew, shop and hang out. This week is going to be nice because it is short. I only have to work Tues-weds-thurs and then my brother is getting married. Hopefully it will rain.

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