Sunday, October 26, 2008

One more week until You Bazaar!

Puppy, originally uploaded by laurensmashtoys.

Its getting down to the wire for my show next week, and I can't find any fleece anywhere!! I finally found polyfil, but my search for fleece goes on. Crazy Bay area fabric stores! I do have some reserves, so that is what I am working with. I have gotten some stuff done!

I made some ornaments/package tags out of shrink plastic and they turned out super cute! I love them, they even have bells on them :D I will show you tomorrow!

I decorated my skeleton from Ryan and it is adorable. I am almost ready for Halloween, I am going to be a housewife! I need some heels and an apron and a potholder mitt thing and I will be ready. Ryan is going to be a business man. :D Fun.

So, more creating this week, more working and more fun hopefully~

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Danielleorama said...

we need a shopping spree at harts!!