Saturday, July 11, 2009

My birthday was lovely!

So, I had a very relaxing lovely birthday! We went to a restaurant called Weird Fish and ate fried pickles. yum. If it wasn't super dark in there I would have taken a pic of the pickles. they were lovely. But then I ordered more fried food for dinner and it was gross. Too much. I never want to eat fried food again.

I did have a lovely apple sangria though. It was divine.

So now, I am just looking forward to our vacay in less than 2 weeks and working on my dress for Ryan's cousin's wedding.

Look at his silly beard and his silly hair. :D I love him. He still needs a haircut.


Raesha D said...

Happy happy happy birthday you sexy lady you!! love you!!!!!111

Erin with an E said...

Glad you had a great birthday, Lauren! Cory just shaved off his beard 5 minutes ago. It's weird to see his naked face after all this time...