Monday, February 1, 2010

Oh Hi There

Hi! Miss me? Probably. I am very fun to be around and my absence has been felt, I am sure of it. Or whatever... SO a lot has happened since we last spoke, and now I have the ability to be around a little more. So there. I will be.

I got a new place! It is in a lovely old Victorian in the Haight. If you don't know about the haight, you should look it up. It is neat. Besides all of the hippies. and homeless kids trying to sell you hatchets or bags that are probably stolen.

The place is a little small, but we don't mind! It is beautiful and all ours and I now have my own kitchen, where I have already made many treats!

Also, baby can look out of the giant windows at passer bys and bark and get yelled at. It is a fun vicious circle.

All in all its lovely. Ryan even has a place to go now when it is 4 in the morning and he doesn't feel like being in bed, he feels like painting. He has a studio all set up in our kitchen and it has been working out lovely. So far so good! I have even been sewing my fingers off. And watching a lot of netflixed videos. Now that I actually have the internet!


Mindy Lacefield said...

i have missed you girl!! what a spectacluar cute place. oh my. i would love to come by for a tea party. oh fun, fun girl. love ya!!


Danielle said...

OH MY GOD! fucking finally, jesus christ! I love your bay window thingy, i'm glad you and ryan finally have some privacy :D

Tessa said...

I did miss you! Wow, that place looks seriously awesome, and it sounds like you guys are settling in well. :)

Erin with an E said...

I did miss your blogs! Welcome back!! Your new place looks gorgeous! I'm happy for you guys!