Monday, February 8, 2010

A day at the Flea Market

I had the best day yesterday! I went to the Alameda flea market/antiques sale. It was awesome. I went with a few things specifically in my mind, and what do you know, I found them! I also got to spend a great time with 3 great ladies and get out of my hermit hole for a little bit of sunshine and nose burning.

So, the only thing I really wanted until I walked around and a lot more things came to mind was a skeleton key. There was a table full for one vendor and I dug through it for awhile before settling on this one. I should have bought a few, but I didn't. Next time.

I also remembered that I wanted one of those hangy bits that is on a chandelier that is old and made of crystal. I ended up with two different ones. One that had a hanging prism which was the right size but not the right shape so I bought it, then came the best find, which was the teardrop shaped one, the right size and the right shape. Yes! Score! Awesome!

Next time, I will be on the lookout for an old picture of a man with a beard, and a number 5 for our mailbox.


Tessa said...

Yay! I love flea markets. Sounds like your trip was a success!!

Petals said...

I love the Alameda fee market. So much fun!