Saturday, February 6, 2010

sewing sewing sewing

So you don't think I have quit sewing, I will show you a little of what this guy has been up too...

A little monster guy:

A brown puppy guy:

Another puppykins:

And some demons:

SO there. I also made some weird pretzels that stuck to the pan today but tasted awesome. I finally figured out how to make garlic butter. (in case you were in the dark like me, you just mince some garlic and melt some butter and let it sit together all warm but not cooking as to brown the garlic and the garlic kicks the butters booty and makes it taste super awesome) So I had super yummy garlic butter pretzels. They were amazing. Well almost cause they made me so mad I threw a spatula and that wasn't cool, but ryan made me feel better and they tasted ok so that is always a plus.

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