Monday, May 10, 2010

25 Alcatraz Island

The ferry ride was fun! Although it poured rain on us almost the whole time. The somber mood was just right for "The Rock"

Here it was, a giant prison. Creepy vibes man.

Here is Ryan in jail. Something we never want to see again.

Cause I would not love sitting in these little visitors windows to visit.

And the view of the city from this tiny dirty window is not good enough! We need the real deal.
I swear, I would never do any fun things if it weren't for lovely visitors! Today we went to Alcatraz. Took the ferry over and looked at super deep scary stuff. It was very neat-o. Tonight Pizza and then tomorrow I say my tear-y goodbye to my mommy! Oh boy, back to normal life again. Well as normal as San Francisco can get!

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