Wednesday, November 10, 2010

My cozy nook

This is where I have been spending most of my time lately! and that is a peek at something I am working on that I am not sharing :) I have been trying to get a little bit done each day and hopefully my season of giving will be easier and easier. Ryan and I are trying to commit to getting work done. He is drawing and painting and I am knitting or sewing or whatevs. We started our commitment on Sunday and it was hard, but we did it! Hopefully we can keep our momentum up!

This is Baby's cozy little nook. I wish it was sunny when I get home but it is that time of year again. It has cooled down a lot. I need a new winter coat. I am going to look into getting a new one soon. and a scarf, although I could probably knit one if I put my mind to it. Wait, no way I have too many handmade gifts on my list this year to make anything for me :)

Oh, does anyone know a link to a good freezerpaper stencil tutorial? I have an idea I want to try out...

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