Saturday, December 4, 2010

Battle Burn, and why art is so fun!

Last night we got the opportunity to go to something called Battle Burn. It is where there are a bunch of artists that go head to head in a competition to be the best artist. They "battle" for 15 minutes and then the audience votes on the best one. First, each artist picked a theme and they had to incorporate both into the drawins. Our friend David was one of the artists! So we had to go to represent him. Also, another artist that we like, Skinner was there. Both of them lost. Sorry for the spoiler...

He was pretty nervous, his theme was zombies and beach, both things he hates:

Here he is starting:

Some progress:

And his finished drawing, he used charcoal and most everyone else was using paint with a bunch of colors. This is why he lost. The other guy's drawing wasn't that good, but it had a lot of color.

Also we were there for Skinner. He got God and feather:

Here he is setting up:

Here he is painting:

Here he is ruining my final shot:

So here is a terrible cell phone picture of Skinner's piece and also the winning God piece(the lady). Skinner was totally robbed.

So I learned a few things. Art in a competition for is funny. David needs to use a color if he wants to win because people in the audience don't know what is cool. I thought it was so fun and would go again. We left early though because it was WAY too long.

The rest of this weekend will involve crafts. Tomorrow I have a craft show. We will see how it goes!

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