Sunday, December 26, 2010


Ahhh. As if relaxing all day yesterday wasn't enough, I think I am going to take this oppourtunity to do the same today. We had a lovely Christmas this year, made all the better from all the love from home. We missed everyone bunches and bunches, well except the snow. The snow can stay in Ohio. But, this was amazing for us because it was our first year in a one bedroom apartment BY OURSELVES in San Francisco.

Christmas Eve was nice, we watched Elf and drank white russians, all while snuggling under the light of our tree and lights and being enticed by all of the lovely bounty under the tree. You see, it has been a few years since we have had actual presents to open under the tree except for a few things here and there. This was a real treat and we felt over spoiled. It was great. But the white russians for some reason have become a tradition...

Then we fell asleep to wake up on Christmas morning to a lot of fun!

Ryan got a rain suit! Sorry the pic is so bad, I couldn't stand still to photograph him. He loves it! and he will be dry on his way to work now!

And I got the entire store at Kidrobot. and a Wee Wonderfuls book! Also some much needed new shoes!! So fun :) The donut pillow is now a perfect throw pillow for our couch! If I can keep Baby's paws off it, she thought it was for her. Well, she didn't get anything to open so that could be why.

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