Saturday, September 10, 2011

New Shirt!

I especially love this one! I saw the pattern a million times in the book and it didn't wow me. But, they made it as a sample display for the mannequin and I was sold. I immediately bought the pattern and then didn't do anything for it for awhile. Then, this lovely houndstooth fabric was on sale for $6 a yard and I bought a few yards and set to work. It wasn't the easiest thing I have made, and I didn't make the pockets and I chopped it off as a tunic and not a dress cause I wear pants. It may have been easier if my motivation was there, but it was being made at a time when I was forcing myself to sew. Which can be good and bad. This case it came out awesome. I had to take it step by step and not question things which can be hard for me but in the end, it turned out awesome.

It is New Look Pattern 0431. It has a very old school vibe and gets you lots of compliments.

In this fabric, it also feels like pajamas and is so cozy warm all day but tricks people into thinking that you are dressy. I like that about an article of clothing! And yes, these are more classy bathroom shots!

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Amy Cluck said...

Really cute, Lauren! I think I like it better as a shirt.