Saturday, September 24, 2011


I have been uninteresting for a bit. I am not sure how that happens. I think part of it involves present making, and part of it involves laziness, bejeweled blitz on Facebook, and my Kindle being seriously easy to get books onto an thus I sit on my couch a lot and don't sew. BUT! I did recently make a supercute skirt! I made the shirt too but I am not as in love...

The skirt is Simplicity 2512, a Cynthia Rowley pattern. I get weird about stuff sometimes though and I skipped the pockets: I didn't want them, the tie, It seemed too complicated and not worth it, and the binding, cause I didn't understand what it added. Maybe more of a professional look, I guess. I think what I turned out with is a really cute party skirt/work skirt. I loves swishing around all day in taffeta. It was very satisfying.

That being said, I need to learn a new hairstyle for this length haha. I only have about 4 right now and I always end up with this because it takes me like 3 seconds to do. But I do love it.

Today I am excited because I am going on a legitimate shopping trip and spending money on myself for clothes! I love those trips, they are always fun. Also, I am going to try and get back to JoAnns, just for a couple of yards of fabric. Because I am addicted, in case you were wondering.

P.S. I will never tire of these terrible bathroom shots, I can't figure out where in my apartment to take decent pictures and I don't ever like pics that other people take(although its much appreciated) I always feel akward and weird. It is better when I have a couple minutes to myself in the bathroom at work. I know, I am a weirdo.

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JaymiPop said...

Adorable! I don't like pics that other people take either. I totally get it!!!