Saturday, November 19, 2011

Im pretty sure that making presents is my favorite!

Or just making in general. I made this little elephant purse for Ryan's niece for her 7th birthday. It is from the Wee Wonderfuls book by Hillary Lang. I think it came out cute, especially because I used fabric I had on hand. The one in the book had a bow on her head, I changed mine to more of a flapper headband. I LOVE it! I hope she does too!

Here I am modeling it. It is a little too small for me but I think you get the point! I used sweatshirt fleece for the body and it worked out great. It is a little small for a bag, but it could hold money or something like that when you go out. It is probably better for a 7 year old's tiny hands too! haha

This is the underbelly where the cash goes.

I love Present making season! Well all except the part where my pics are so dark because the sun doesn't shine when I am not at work. But, that is the way it goes! And the fact that it is acceptable to watch Christmas movies and listen to Christmas music makes it all better.


Erin with an E said...

That elephant purse is the cutest!! I'm impressed!! :)

JaymiPop said...