Saturday, December 3, 2011

Terrible pictures and what's going on

It has been a flurry of making up in here! This is fun, but also I can't share that much of it. I am going back to Ohio in a week or so to love on my nephews and family and hopefully play some Euchre and drink some margaritas with my mom. It is just me, Ryan will be here to hold down the fort, hopefully! We are not getting our tree until next weekend so I can't even share that with you yet, although I might be decorating my mantle today.

Other than that, I joined an ornament swap! This is a terrible picture of my gingerbread peeps, but there they are. Obviously they are sewn up out of fleece. They are really cute in real life.

We also hosted Thanksgiving. All my pictures came out blurry. Which is why this time of year is a bummer because taking pictures when its dark out is hard for me.

Now I am just a flurry of sewing and knitting and shopping. Which is very fun.

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Amy Cluck said...

Those gingerbreads are adorable!!! Jaymi wants to look at your book now before I send it but I promise to send it before Xmas! XOXO