Monday, April 25, 2011


I have a lot of new babies in my life! So, I like to make them quilts. It is fun and doesn't take up too much fabric. So I made the tiny quilt for JJ awhile back. It had elephants, my sister loves elephants. So for my brother's baby, LJ, I picked puppies.

I love puppies.

I hope he likes it for years to come.

Oh, and I ruined one of my mod couch things. Because I am a moron and left an iron on it and plugged it in. It was an irresponsible bummer of a moment. I feel like an idiot. It can be replaced and its only a couch so I shouldn't feel so defeated. But I do. I am working on it, because it IS only a thing. Nobody is hurt or anything. And my little artist man is going to try and fix it with dye. I am so lucky he is mine and in my life. Oh, in the pic its wet because i thought it would help.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter!

Hello! The Easter Bunny made a visit to my house via USPS! I hope you and yours had a good one too!

Saturday, April 23, 2011


Where have I been? Oh....lotsa places. work, work and more work. Ft. Lauderdale. Making bunnies. You know, that kind of stuff.

I bought the Weewonderfuls Big footed bunny pattern so I could make Easter bunnies for my little nephews. That is her photo up there, not mine! It was easy and fun to put together, you should buy it and try it! But, here are mine:




Happy JJ(a little blurry from my sister's phone)

Happy LJ

I am a happy Lauren cause my babies are happy! Since I am back to reality, I am also back to the sewing table. I am working on a quilt for one of my babies and a dress for me! Summer is coming fast and I have to be cute!

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Cell phone pictures suck, but get their point across!

Having family in town is AWESOME. You get spoiled, you get loved, and all of that junk. But sometimes you forget to take pictures or blog. I'm just saying. I did want to show you some things I have been working on for gifts lately. My friend had a new baby girl, so I wanted to send a few things.

I found this really cute tattoo fabric at the shop down the street from us and I thought she would really like it. So I made the baby a bib.

I also made this little tiny bow headband. I hope it fits. It came out smaller than I wanted to, but the baby is tiny too...

And then for good measure I made this cute flower headband too. I love tulle. I hate this blurry picture.

And then I thought my friend needed a few gifts too. I found this cute tutorial for a gathered clutch by Noodlehead on Mama and the Dudes' blog.

And then while searching Noodlehead's site, I found this cute pouch and put a bow from that shirt I made on it. I LOVE how it came out. I hope she likes it!

On to more sewing! Hurray

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Saturday Saturday Saturday

Hey! Happy Saturday! I hope its super nice weather and sewing for you too! Oh, and showing off your new hair! It feels awesome, by the way! It moves and shakes and is the best color ever! AND its still super long. At least for me. I am so proud of how long it is right now!

I feel so fancy!

Here is what is on deck for the rest of the weekend. A couple of present-y things and then maybe some selfish Lauren dress sewing. They had Simplicity patterns on sale at JoAnn Fabrics for 99 cents this weekend so I couldn't pass up just one! Too bad now I have FIVE dresses on deck! Oooooops... I guess I will have to get to sewing! Which is going to be easy with my brand new machine!

Friday, April 1, 2011


I have had an absent week. It has been filled with work and working out. Ugh. But! I did make a new shirt! Its the same pattern as the bow shirt, McCalls 5851. Just minus the bows. It is super cute and comfy and needs to shrink just a little. Which is ok, because the other shirts I have made have gotten just a little bit smaller.

I also got my hair done today! I love that. It is by my favorite girl and it was properly colored and cut. I can't wait to get up tomorrow and do it myself!

The weather has been crazy beautiful here, even nice enough to have the windows open at night. It is a dream! Hopefully it will stay that way!