Saturday, November 28, 2009

3rd annual T-Day with Ertiepie

3rd annual T-Day with R & L, originally uploaded by ertiepie.

Yay! we had a fabulous Thanksgiving, Tofurkey day what have you. :D We went to Ert's for the 3rd year in a row and it did not disappoint. She made a fabulous Tofurkey, super good cranberry sauce and some roasted brussel sprouts. I made crescent rolls(yay pillsbury), my grandma edda's stuffing and super yummy Kahlua yams. And for dessert, custard pie. Ryan had 2 slices and has almost killed a whole leftover pie :D That is a big feat since he does not usually eat sweets.

We have been sick so I didn't eat probably as much as I would have if I was feeling better. I am still a little under the weather as of now, and have not been hungry for the leftovers. :( Oh well...

I took a bunch of toys to the Museum of Craft and Folk Art, I hope things sell! Since I am not in any shows this winter it will be my only outlet.

We are trying to save money like whoa right now. I will be crafting away here in a minute for sure for Christmas.

I hope everyone had a great day, celebrating what they are thankful for and are now in the throws of Christmas season!

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