Monday, November 30, 2009

I made peanut butter cookies and Ryan ate them and painted

Copy off of Ert Day :D, originally uploaded by laurensmashtoys.

Still can't find my camera cord! Urgh!

I did get a great deal at the store and got 2 blazers for $20! Woo Hoo.

My dog is officially a pig. She has been eating like a mad woman! We changed her food to a senior dog food(well, she *is* nine!) and since then, she can't stop eating! Is this weird?

I did make peanut butter cookies and the boys of my house ate them all up! That is what boys are good for I suppose :D

And Ryan has been painting! A lot actually. It is nice actually. I did find my own time to make 5 dolls, I just need to add hair and clothes.

My first sales call tomorrow. YIKES!! I am driving to work in the morning so there will be Christmas music!


Erin with an E said...

When I changed Knuckles' food to his special food he has to eat now, he ate like crazy, too...maybe they just get so excited to have something new and different that they go nuts on new food... Good luck on your sales call!!

Tessa said...

Hi Lauren,
Just stopping by to say Happy New Year! Hope your 2010 is awesome!!

Erin with an E said...

I miss your blogs, Lauren! What have you been up to?