Sunday, November 1, 2009



We had a pretty nice Halloween around these parts! It is definitely interesting because we live on a busy street with lots of bars and lots of weird tipsy dressed up people like to pass through. It is fun to people watch. You see the weirdest things. Ryan decided he wanted to be Max from "Where the wild things are" We didn't plan well and ended up making both of our costumes today. So, he got a pair of sweatpants and we turned a grey sweatshirt inside out and I made ears and a tail from my stash of fabric. He made the crown out of cardboard and spray painted it gold. People really liked it!! Baby was a lion for just a few minutes, she hated it so much. I laughed at her too :D

Max and the king of the forest

Brunette Alice

Here is my costume. It is from the Built by wendy 3835 pattern. I whipped it up so quick and then made the smock/apron to complete the outfit. I had a blonde wig, but Ryan bought a dog the bounty hunter-wife wig so it was trashy and curly and soooo didn't work. So I decided that Alice didn't have to be blonde and just put a black ribbon in my hair and went as me in a blue dress and smock with white tights and black mary janes.

We went out for a minute, but it was boring, so we sat at home and people watched, and heckled. It was very fun. Tomorrow I have to do lots and lots of laundry and clean our room. I have some ornaments to make for the Museum, and maybe snuggle and watch some movies.

It is officially holiday season people!!!

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