Tuesday, August 3, 2010


I am a little obsessed with Kokeshi dolls right now. Here is my newest scarf. I have a bunch more in mind. I need to go and get some fabric this weekend. I will be sewing away. Hopefully this can be a chill weekend cause I really feel like I need it.

Today I am doing my pilates video for the first time in awhile. I need a workout you know! The next three days should be going to the gym in the morning. My goal is 5 workouts a week. I can do it I can do it. I need to keep telling myself that!

Tonight: dinner - sewing - SLEEEEEEEP.

P.S. Thanks for the elephant scarf love! It makes me feel good :)


Danielleorama said...

They are both really REALLY cute!!

Peptogirl said...

Oh my gosh, Lauren...SO SO cute!