Tuesday, August 31, 2010

scarf scarf scarf!

I am almost done with the pink puppy dog scarf for my little red headed friend!

I think tonight I will try to work on some more scarves! I am trying hard to keep the workout and sewing momentum going. I am doing a craft show in October and I am SO EXCITED!! I haven't done one for awhile so I am going to work on my display. Yippeee!

In other news, we are getting the 1 bedroom apartment upstairs and we are very excited! They are working on it now but soon we will have a real bedroom. Hopefully we can move in soon!


Petals said...

What show are you doing? I am passivly looking for someone to share a booth with for Union Design festival ifyou are interested.

JaymiPop said...

Lauren! It's amazing!!! Even cuter than I imagined. Thank you so much.

Send me an email, jaymiguess@gmail.com and we can work out shipping and payment details. <3

Peptogirl said...

That scarf is so freakin' cute! Please make more, I need to buy one of these scarves from you!!!