Sunday, August 15, 2010

not even numbering out of disgrace...

So I bet you think I haven't been doing anything. Oh, but I have.

This weekend I worked a little on my little sister's baby's blanket

and I cut out some scarves...

All the while, my lazy, blurry boyfriend and dog(they couldn't be bothered to be photographed in focus) sat and watched a baseball game.

Well, I am lying a little. I was only productive Sunday night. Most of the other time I have been watching movies and playing games and readingThe first Gunslinger book by Stephen King. And ordering the second one online.

This week I vow to be more productive and to work out a million times more. and to find my Pilates video that has seemed to wander out of my house.

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JaymiPop said...

Yay! Those scarves are sooo cute. I'm so excited. I think Audrey would want pink. Will that work for you? When you have time of course :-)