Monday, February 28, 2011


So....I have only one excuse... WORK! I have been sewing up a storm. Be proud. Here are the fruits of my labor. Ok, well two excuses. I have been without a camera. Ryan dropped it on the ground and it was kaput. That is ok, it was time for a new one, that one was almost 3 years old anyways. We ended up with a Kodak M590 which so far is lovely, but I am so afraid I am going to break it. Unfortunately too, I have only been able to use it at night so far. I can't wait to see what it is going to look like with pics during the day. I can't wait to drive down the coast and take awesome pictures! It is 14 megapixels which sounds good but I am not a camera girly so I am not altogether sure what that means. I like what I see so far!

I also was glancing in Kidrobot on my walk home today and happened to notice that the Heidi Kenney mypapercraneawesomeness that is the key caps are in! I was so excited! I thought they weren't going to be for sale until the third of March, but my store has all the awesomeness in now!

I got a doughnut! I can't wait to put a key in it. It is so cute and matches the doughnut quilt I am working on quite nicely. haha.