Saturday, August 27, 2011


It is one of my favorite days again! Saturday Sew day!! While I have one project I am already working on and one in queue, I am getting excited about these patterns that I just bought. I blame JoAnn Fabrics for having ridiculously cheap patterns that I can't resist so that I have more patterns than fabric! Here are a few I bought last week. I need to pick out some yardage soon.

Firstly, I seriously want this shirt. And while I am doubting my ability to make the collar, I am just going to go for it and I think it will work out for me! ha!

I also bought two Cynthia Rowley skirt patterns. I love the overall look of the tulip skirt and top. I am going to try for the whole look of this pattern I think. Although I am not sure what fabric to make the top in. I feel like it should be sporty but the pattern doesn't have a difference from the top fabric to the skirt fabric. I might do a sweatshirt knit and a taffeta. I think that would be an interesting juxtaposition. Or just a nice heavy knit and taffeta. I am not sure yet. I just think it is so cute!!

And finally I LOVE this skirt. I just got my hair cut(pictures soon when the weather does not make me look like carrot top with an afro) Although when I have frizzy hair I am thankful of my years of practicing in my mom's mirror with bobby pins cause I just take 2 minutes and pin it up into a super cute beehive or prom do! I love having short hair again!! Anyways, back to the pattern. I love this skirt pattern. It is super cute, high waisted and a good length. I think I am going to get a couple of cute scoop neck tees from American Apparel and pair them with this look. I am going to try for a heavier fabric here and I can't wait to see how it turns out! I am off to the fabric store today! I also have to get snaps for my mickey look and then hopefully I will have pics of that later this week! It is turning out SO CUTE! Then I have to work on nephew #2's present!!

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