Wednesday, August 17, 2011

You can never say I don't have enough flowers!

My boyfriend spoils me. With flowers. and right when those flowers die, he usually buys me more. I love it! Yesterday he brought home my very very favorite, sunflowers! They are so summery and sunny and lovely. I love having them in my home, especially right now because it is so dreary and grey and foggy out there. Well, that is summer in San Francisco for you! Don't be jealous of me living in northern California in the summer, please. Cause it pretty much sucks. Call me in January though when it is snowy and cold where you are and its just cold here. Hmmm that doesn't sound as good as I wanted it to haha.

Well anyways, I digress. My flowers are lovely, and I even had some extras of the fuzzy ball flowers to put in a jar in my kitchen. So nice to have summer sunshine in every room!

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