Sunday, July 20, 2008

Pie with my best friend.

Pie with my best friend., originally uploaded by laurensmashtoys.

Or is pie my best friend? Nope, after our conversation tonight, I am sure it is Missy.

I truly value her in my life and everything she brings to the table. I am one lucky lady. We have the best conversations and we are so damn funny. :D

I think we are going to start a podcast! It will be fun. We are a couple of super fun girly girls.

I had an impromptu visit to Toledo this weekend too. I was missing Ryan a little and went and crashed a party by accident. It was fun and much needed. It is also fun to take a trip that was not planned. Everyone should do that once in awhile. I wish Ryan was there waiting at the end of that long drive though!

I have just been sewing away! I have some ideas even for christmas designs(im sorry don't throw things at me) I am actually working right now just on Halloween stuff. And being excited about my brother's upcoming wedding! I can't wait. Next week is his wedding shower. Should be good fun. :D

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