Wednesday, September 30, 2009

my sweat shop loves netflix

I don't normally make things in such bulk, but I can't get enough of these little dolls! They are fun to hand sew and decorate. I told you a million times that I have been watching hella movies lately on my fancy new computer! Last night, was Moonstruck.

I fell asleep when it was on. :( I told you about that problem too :D

Work was great today! I have been extra busy lately and that makes me happy. But it also makes me want to come home and be lazy cause I worked so hard all day. Like I said, I fell asleep watching Moonstruck last night, with a toy partially sewn in my hands. Hahaha

I don't think I got into Baz Biz this year. That is a bummer to me. Oh well, I will do Indie Sacramento, its fun too! I just was hoping to get some Baz Biz on :D

I haven't been eating well lately. I am thinking about posting a food plan for the week on here to see if it helps me. Seriously, last night I had a banana for dinner. Not good. I need to be more healthy. Something to work on!

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Erin with an E said...

If it makes you feel any better, once I fell asleep in the middle of a video game, controller in hand. I was supposed to be on Bobby's team and he was playing and realized we were losing cause my guy wasn't moving, then he was like, "What the- Erin, wake up!!"