Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Photo Booth + Lauren = love

So, we had a thunderstorm in San Francisco(for real! and yes I did a jig of joy when it happened :D)

And, our computer went boom. Or, at least we thought it did. Mac's have a built in surge protector it turns out. Hmmm. Well I went ahead and bought a brand new imac anyways.

And it has photobooth.

And I love it.

I also got to download the player for netflix movies, something I couldn't do before cause the old computer couldn't download stuff anymore.

And I love it.

I have been sewing and watching fun movies.

Like Say Anything. Did I ever tell you I loved John Cusack? Cause I do. And that movie made him dreamier. :D

Love is in the air. mostly for this imac :D

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Erin with an E said...

Ha! I just got Netflix and have Say Anything in our Instant Cue. Classic.