Thursday, September 3, 2009


sleeeeeepy, originally uploaded by laurensmashtoys.

we have been go go go over here!

Ryan has been working mucho!
I have been under the weather but doing aok!

This weekend, hopefully a trip north-ish for exploring and some sewing.

I have gotten my stitch and bitch books out, yes its that time of year again, the same time every year when I decide that I want to knit. Well this year I am determined to take a hat class and make a sweater. I can totally do it. I just need to buy some yarn and right sized needles, sit down and watch some you tube videos. Cause I am a self starter like that. Or maybe cause I am lazy like that.

Some company is filming a new show "Trauma" or something outside on my street. It is kind of funny because our street is decorated like Halloween cause it is supposed to be a Halloween episode I would assume. But all in all, it is pretty interruptive right now. They are taking a bunch of streets for a few days to get shots or whatever, but all of the people that normally park all around here(i.e. *ME*) have to find parking elsewhere and try not to get a ticket. Annoying. Oh well, maybe it will be fun to see my street on t.v. If I watched t.v. Hmmm

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