Tuesday, July 27, 2010

77 Working on stuff for me :)

Here is the shirt I am working on all cut out! It is a mixture of 2 patterns I have right now that I like. We will see how it goes. I hope to finish it tonight. I have a few other projects in the works, I just need to give myself the kick in the booty to get them worked on. The scarves and the twinsies' scarves are still on the plan for me in the near future.

It is so chilly here it is easy to start dreaming about fall and winter! I know other parts of the country are not so lucky, but we have the good old fog out here in San Francisco to keep us coooool.

I have also been reading a new book cause it is fun for me to read at the gym. It is Peter Straub and Steven King and it is called the Black House. It is amazing to me how difficult Steven King can be to read. He is SO detailed. And coming off of the Twilight books is a HUGE change. Those are so easy and quick and this is making me slow down a bit. I like it. More book for my buck :) I am waiting for the last Twilight book to come out in paperback before I spend money on it. I don't really like hardback books anyways. I am glad to be reading again after a break from it. I get to a point where I am like, geez I read so fast that it feels like I wasted money. But this summer and both my trips got me back! and now while I am on the elliptical I have something to do besides read closed captioned sports. ewww.

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