Monday, July 19, 2010

73 OMG it has been too long

This is the longest I have gone since I committed to every day! Well I am not perfect so there : ) Haha. I have just been enjoying getting back to California life. This weekend I even went to the fabric store! Woo Hoo!

I am going to make some scarves with scarves(you will see...) and these are the colors I have started out with for tiny patchworks. And because I am really good at being late to the party with things, I am going to get myself one of those little hexagon thingys and make myself some cute honeycomb-ness. But at JoAnn's they were $11 and I was being cheap :)

I also wanted to show you a pic of my gorgeous hunk that I live with in his Tux from the last wedding! There aren't any pics of us up so I have to get some posted if I see any! This pic is kind of terrible but you get the idea. My camera died 5 seconds after I took this.

This weekend was full of alone time and LAUNDRY and a laundry terrorist. SOMEONE who lives in my building is SUPER self righteous and thinks that no one should be able to use dryer sheets and therefore feels the need to SHAME us by writing TOXIC on the box. I feel slightly threatened and not at all sympathetic to the COWARD'S actions. I hate that! Live your own life, you know? Crafting and blogging is so supportive, its a wonder that people think that they are educators with their creepy terrorist actions. I will not budge or let someone tell me what to do. Sillyness. It is especially funny because the person would have gotten further with me had they spoken up. Now I just think they are hypocritical(oh what, you own TWO cars?) LAME dryer sheets for all! PS I am actually sensitive to the chemicals issue, but the way to my heart is not through defaming my property. So I am not swayed. I will use my dryer sheets until I feel it necessary not to.

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