Saturday, July 31, 2010

79 Shirt

So here is the shirt all done. I really like it and the merging of 2 patterns was successful I do have to say! I kind of feel like the frankenstein of this shirt.

I don't love this pic of me, but it does show you what the shirt looks like on. Tomorrow I hope to get a better pic of it. I went to Renegade today and it was ok. I got something from Giant Dwarf, a star hair comb thing. I will show you later. It is amazing and beautiful. I also saw a lot of awesome people and had fun with the Museum girls.

Tomorrow we will hopefully be going to the Alameda Flea market cause that is what I would like to do on a lazy Sunday. But, I may want to just be lazy tomorrow and sew too. I feel like my weekends have been flying by! I need a little more time off for sure.

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