Sunday, June 5, 2011

New Shirt!

I am doing really well making about one item for my wardrobe a week. This week I finshed this really cute pink shirt. It is the same as McCalls 5882. I still don't think it looks like the one on the package but it came out EXACTLY how I wanted it to. I am starting to get better and better at construction which is something I really am excited about. And yes, this is the lovely bathroom at work. The photo above is the better show of actual color, but the one below is the one I like how I look better.

Today is going to be a sewing day. I am really loving having time to do that and I have a show coming up in Sacramento next week that I am really excited about! I get to hang out with girls I LOVE and that is my favorite! I am also starting to get excited for my birthday! It is coming up quick! (35 days!)


JaymiPop said...

Awww, we love you too!

lauren said...

I really want to try this shirt pattern! All of yours turned out so cute.. :)