Sunday, June 12, 2011

Super Fun Weekend!

This weekend was great. Busy, but great! Friday Ryan and I went out for veggie sushi and an art show. It was SO GOOD! There is a restaurant down the street from us that has GREAT sushi, and great music and an overall cozy atmosphere. After that we went to our friend Charlie's art show.

Then I relaxed at home and watched LOST, which I am sooo back into right now. I watched the first and second seasons with Missy my very best friend when it was on TV, but I got out of it when I moved to California because we didn't have a TV. It is great that it is on Netflix streaming. I LOVE being able to watch it without commercials. I was also sewing and finishing up some stuff for my show in Sacramento on Saturday! Owls and cute hair bobbies.

The show was so so, but made all the more awesome from the super amazing people I got to neighbor with. The ALWAYS amazing Jaymi from Coo, the very sweet Kristin and Cassidy from The Monster and Me, the lovely Lauren Brandy and the super cute and awesome Amy Cluck! I am so happy I got to spend the day with these girls and they were honestly the reason I go to Sacramento. I can't wait to be up there hanging out with them again! So. Much. Fun. I am super sunburned and today is going to be a recovery/relaxing day. I say that but what I reeeeaaallly mean is I am going through ALL of my fabric and craft supplies and am going to see what makes the cut to stay at my house. I love having a lot of cool stuff and I want to maximize what I have but I have limited space and I need to discriminate. My stuff is out of control right now. Ryan has more supplies than me but he has a better system I think. I am going to spend today just making my space lovely. Yay!


Erin with an E said...

Have you seen the end of Lost yet? I'll probably start re-watching it again in a few months... :)

LaurenSmash said...

no! I have only seen all of season one and part of season two so far. I am excited!Everyone keeps telling me it sucks though...