Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Yo Yo Yo!

I am kind of yo yo crazy right now! I am working on this shirt, McCalls 5851. I have made it a bunch before. With the bows, and plain, but right now its Yo Yo's! I finished the yo yo detail and am working still on the shirt. It was a lot of cutting:

and ironing:

and sewing:

and placing into its form:

See, I am so yo yo crazy that I am even wearing them in my hair!!

I can't wait to show you the finished shirt!! It is looking good!


amy is the party said...

Can't wait to see it finished. I LOVE your headband!

Jessi said...

Excited for the finished product!

Andrea said...

I loved the bow version, I can't wait to see the yo-yos! PS I adore little doughnut dude peeking out from behind you. :)